This is an interview of Jose Cortez who is from Lakeside California and a Chicano organizer with the Party For Socialism and Liberation (PSL). The interview goes over the history of Jose’s family and his time growing up in East County San Diego as a person of color. He delves into his political beliefs, what brought him into organizing work, specifically the Alfred Olongo uprising, and how he joined PSL. He talks about the kind of political work he’s done as an organizer, the most formative experiences he’s gone through, and reflects on his experience in the autodefensas protecting Chicano Park.  We then end the interview explaining what it means for him to be a Chicano Communist and where he sees himself in the context of the larger socialist movement. This interview covers topics such as the Socialist Movement, Police Brutality, Activism in San Diego, and Antifascism. The interview was conducted in-person at Jose’s home with one computer recording the conversation. The Interview was conducted by Jonathan Chavez, a Fourth year History & Ethnic Studies major at UCSD who is interested in Socialist, Communists, and Working Class movements.