For my art project, I wanted to give a general view to what I learned and saw at The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club throughout the course. I wanted to incorporate as many pictures and I could to my art project, because these were pictures I took during all my visits and found to be extremely important as a reflection of my time visiting the club. Along with that, I wrote a small description for each picture just to give an overview of what the photo represents. Moreover, I also wanted to depict some of the things I learned during my interview with OliviaRead More →

On May 22nd, 2018 I interviewed Olivia Quintanilla in the Cross Cultural room in Price Center. During the interview Olivia discussed how she first started becoming an active member at The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, where she hopes to see the club in the few years to come, and how the club has impacted her personal life in many ways. What I found interesting throughout our interview was that Olivia was drawn to the club by choice because she was truly interested in learning more about her culture and throughout her years, she has felt so close to the club that now sheRead More →

Last week, on Wednesday I went to The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club for the senior lunch. When I first got to the site, I asked if there could be anything I could do to help serve people lunch and I was asked to pour the fruit punch. While doing this I met Catherine, who was serving soup right next to me. I ended up having a brief conversation with her and I found out that she moved to America from Guam 16 years old. When I asked her if she could describe Guam to me she simply laughed and said “humid.” This timeRead More →

Donya Danialzadeh Date: 5/8/18 Activity: Tour of Site My visit to the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club was something out of the ordinary and definitely a highly educational and interesting experience. I decided to walk around the site, since no one seemed to be there during that specific time, and take some pictures. I saw a lot of artwork representing Guam and Pacific Islanders. I also saw many religious aspects such as religious statues in the front of the site (right when you drive in) and around the site itself. I could tell that a deep sense of community and culture was established hereRead More →