I conducted an interview with Teresa Gonzalez, a member of CASA Familiar. The interview took place at Casa’s Recreational Center after her Zumba class. The interview consisted of her childhood, her memories, her life, her definition/importance of tradition. I wanted to understand how values and certain traditions are affected when living in America. I am completely grateful for having the opportunity to have interviewed such an amazing lady, who puts everyone’s needs above her own. It was truly a blessed hearing her stories and hearing how much she has accomplished.Read More →

    My art piece represents a woman who dominates not only one world but two. It symbolizes strength, power, and ambition. Indicating, a woman of color has an opportunity to exceed and accomplish her goals. This art represents a woman who came from Mexico as a child. She wanted the “American dream” like many others. She is one of many who accomplished her dreams, while navigating two identities. She was foreigner to America, but yet she created her own identity.  She embraces her Mexican roots, while respecting American’s culture. The two flags behind her represent that. She is a person that holds two spaces,Read More →

On Wednesday, May 9, 2018, we had our first class field trip. I was excited to finally visit and see Chicano Park for the first time, as I often hear and read about the history of it. I had the privilege of taking a course that drove into the Chicano activist and learning how the park symbolized a great movement. Upon arriving, I was shocked to see how such a little space held such importance. The park was filled with community spirit, seeing people gather and children playing gave a sense of pride of being a Chicana. The reason why I am fascinated with thisRead More →