For many Pacific Islanders, history is tied to colonialism, militarism, and invisibility. This piece seeks to contrast the Chamorro experience to mainstream American academia. While the Chamorro community doesn’t strive for equality with mainstream American culture, there is a lasting connection between America and the Northern Mariana Islands. This connection has brought resilient Chamorro families to America, where Chamorro youth continue to struggle with access to higher education.Read More →

This was my third visit to Chicano park, and I was glad to have the opportunity to explore the surrounding blocks with students who have never been to Chicano park before. The way that I understand Chicano park as a site for community storytelling is in the physical space. Learning briefly about the history of Chicano park, I noticed that the physical space was highly sought after because it belongs to the community. As we walked around the space, I also noticed how the history lives on through the artwork and murals. Consistently referencing indigenous and Mexican histories, the murals strung together some of theRead More →