I met Huda at UWEAST for the first time at an event called Urban Beats. We talked then, and we talked more when we met again at the Celebration of Africa event at UCSD. At some point it was evident that Huda would be a great person to teach us about hers and the larger Somali community in San Diego’s experiences. We conducted the interview at her home in Serra Mesa, and we discussed her life in San Diego to being. Moving beyond that, we touched on politics, community development, peace, culture, and the future. I found it interesting that Huda was so on theRead More →

The first impression that I had of Somali culture as represented by UWEAST was that it thet are an extremely hospitable people. That is something that continued throughout each and every one of my visits. I had always been offered food at some point during my visits, for instance. On this particular day, May 14, 2018 I was invited in to the kitchen. Cooking with UWEAST was a great experience, as food is one of the staples of culture, and learning to cook an East African dish was special. But I took particular note of how the women cooking in the kitchen, and the aromaRead More →

My art project was focused on the communication that underpins community. In my interview with Huda she stressed a communal mind over the indvidualistic mind. We spoke about how conversations need to happen if community will ever be realized and expanded. For my art project I decided to put as many people in conversation as I could. My exhibit was (and is) interactive, and I asked all viewers to contribute to it. Huda and I began by starting 3 collaborative poems. At the art exhibition at UCSD I asked the guests to contribute their thoughts to the poems by using the keyboard on my laptop.Read More →

On Wednesday May 9th, 2018, I journeyed to Chicano Park. As the charter bus met its destination, my eyes disengaged from the book they read (Black is a Country by Nikhil Singh), and met a temple of iridescence through the tint of a glass window. I averted my eyes, patiently waiting for an unadulterated view. As I stepped off of the transit and into the park, the radiant sea of saturated colors seemed to swash and backwash around the Quisoco in its center. The sound of traffic, though immediately recognized was translated into white noise. The freeway circulated; a coming, a going, a circle ofRead More →