Detainee Allies is a grassroots organization created by neighbors who felt the need to take action on the injustices they were seeing being done to people trying to immigrate to the U.S. They began locally, realizing that they were only twenty miles away from one of the most controversial borders, the San Diego and Tijuana border. Near the border was the Otay Mesa Detention Center. They chose to write letters to people being detained in Otay Mesa and received responses from people who were grateful to hear that someone outside the detention center was thinking about them. The letters quickly started flooding in and expandedRead More →

Group: Thomas Konrad, Saul Miranda-Cardenas, RJ Garcia, Axuni Martinez Detainee Allies started in June 2018 in San Diego as a group of concerned friends and neighbors sitting around a table in the Del Cerro neighborhood. They were all upset how bad people were being treated, and nothing was being done to help. Some of them have never done anything like this before; some of them are long-time community volunteers, or activists. With their combined knowledge, they understood how limited they were in ways of helping. It came down to one simple way they could help, which was donating money. Unfortunately, they do not have moreRead More →