Cindy Rocha is one of the muralists of Chicano Park’s new mural commemorating Anastasio Hernandez Rojas and his family. She is a mentee of Victor Ochoa, who is also one of the muralists involved in the project. Cindy is studying Studio Art at California State University, Long Beach. She prides herself not only on her work ethic and commitment to her projects, but also on her ability to process emotionally-charged subject matter in a way that allows her to remain in touch with her emotions. Because this mural engages with the themes of law enforcement brutality, racial discrimination, and anti-immigrant sentiment, Cindy’s contribution help thisRead More →

This interview was given by 29 year old San Diego native Stephen Graham Hajosy. Graham was born and raised in San Diego and currently still resides here. His life’s work has been in art but he is currently on track to receive a credential in Education. The interview covers topics on Chicano Park, Murals and Art, Current Times and COVID-19. This interview was conducted by Ángel Miguel López, a fourth year  Double Major in History & Theatre and Double Minoring in Chicanx Studies and African American Studies at UCSD who is interested in bringing the arts and humanities together to create social changeRead More →

This Interview is with César López, born August 23rd, 1974 in East Los Angeles. Cesar is currently tenured faculty at San Diego Mesa College and is also the Chair of the Chicano/Chicana Studies Department. Cesar highlights what growing up in a predominantly Latino and Asian multi-ethnic community was like during a period of rapid white flight as the immigrant community began moving in. He discusses the immigrant experience, kinship of family, financial hardships, the loss of his mother, and significance of home. His experiences played a significant role that led him to pursue a career that would center in education. César shines light on theRead More →

Victor Ochoa was born in Los Angeles in 1948 and identifies as a headstrong Chicano with a unique border perspective. Born to undocumented parents, Victor grew up between borders while experiencing conflicts of race, citizenship status, political identity, and culture. He is now a renowned muralist, with a heavy influence in Chicano Park and the Centro Cultural de la Raza in Balboa Park. His art centers on Chicano narratives, embracing indigenous knowledge, and creating political statements. This interview covers topics such as growing up between the US-Mexico Border, issues of Chicanx identity, the role of art in the Chicanx community, and the Anastasio Hernández RojasRead More →

The following is an interview with San Diego artist Gloria Favela Rocha. Her upbringing as the daughter of immigrants, as a first generation Mexican-American, and living in farming communities inspires her artwork. Gloria is one of the five main artists working on the Anastasio Hernández Rojas mural in Chicano Park. She views Chicano Park as a place of spirituality and storytelling, and for her the mural is a piece of recorded history of struggle and hope for the future. This interview covers topics surrounding the importance of community, community healing, the power of artwork, effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the significance of the AnastasioRead More →

The person interviewed is Mario Chacón. Originally from Boyle Heights in East Los Angeles and now living in San Diego working as a muralist and independent art teacher. Mario has a background in educational counseling, previously working with many schools and universities. As a practicing artist of over 25 years with the main focus on mural painting, Mario focuses his art on many social and political issues that sparked or affected the Chicano Movement. This interview covers topics surrounding communal justice, expressions of art, the effects of COVID-19, and, most importantly, the Anastacio Hernández Rojas mural project in Chicano Park. The interview was conducted viaRead More →