Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) is an after school-type program that works to increase matriculation into higher education for those in the Barrio Logan community. Specifically, the organization serves a demographic of Latinx youth who are low-income, first-generation, and working-class. Entering BLCI requires an application, high parental involvement, and a commitment to the institute. The students are expected to attend weekly workshops and to be involved in the programs that BLCI offers. Because of this intensive program, the students are equipped with the skills to tackle higher education. Statistically, Barrio logan has low averages of annual income, less than five percent of those 25 andRead More →

Lorena Gonzalez, Sonia Valadez, Clayton Haglund For our group project, we were given the task to collect information on the alumni of BLCI. While the other classmates were able to focus their project on the class of students they worked with, we did not have a class to work with and, thus, were given the task of collecting information for BLCI on their alumni. This was a project BLCI had needed to get done for a long time, so it was a great serving opportunity for us. Prior to volunteering for BLCI, I was minimally educated on why BLCI existed and what impact it actuallyRead More →

After discussing possible group project ideas, we concluded that the best option was to create a workshop in which ninth grade students at Barrio Logan College Institute (BLCI) could design their own vision board. We choose to have them create a vision board because it allowed them to incorporate the photograph that they took during a prior workshop where they went to Chicano Park. It encouraged them to think about where they come from and where they want to go as they continue on their path to higher education. We wanted them to use the vision board as a way to freely express who theyRead More →