Final Reflection: Letter to future students: Race and Oral History (HIUS 144) Hi all, welcome aboard! Congrats on enrolling in Race and Oral History (HIUS 144). I hope you all are excited to experience a new journey in the outer area of UC San Diego. In this course, you will have the opportunity to explore Southeast, San Diego and learn about the people and its history. I am sure you all have heard incredible things about this course thus far. I was unaware of how challenging this class would be and how much time it would require outside of the classroom. Also, it was theRead More →

This course, if we’re being perfectly honest, was both super fun but also a little bit of a mess. But don’t let that stop you, this quarter was the first time that HIUS 144 was supported, so some messiness is to be expected. I signed up for HIUS 144 after attending an event in the Cross Cultural Center advertising the course. I thought it would be interesting, especially the part about us partnering and volunteering with community partners. I was excited about the prospect of volunteering with fellow Black folks. The lectures themselves were pretty cool, including the guest lecturers. I actually knew Professor Amubaye,Read More →

Dear Future HIUS 144 Students, First off, congrats on enrolling in such an amazing class! You have chosen wisely. I honestly enjoyed this class because of the great site partners we had. I was paired up with CASA Familiar. I went to their art workshops which were hosted by Rizz. She’s an awesome local artist that came up with a cheap but well planned and effective doll-making workshop that serves as a conversation starter for local communities. Rizz explained that she didn’t see ethnic dolls when she was growing up, so she decided that a workshop where kids could draw themselves was a better representationRead More →

Dear future HIUS 144 Students, I am sure many of you have heard great things about this class and are anticipating a rewarding experience. I am writing this letter specifically for the student who doesn’t know much about this class yet.  I was in the same position as you were when I took this class.  Since it was the first time that the course was ever taught, there were many kinks that had to be worked out. For example, getting students to the different sites was a little hectic, especially for students who did not have a car. Also, some of the deadlines had toRead More →

Dear Students of the Race and Oral History Course (HIUS 144), This quarter is going to be an amazing experience. The class will be different from any other at UCSD. It is not a traditional course. It will require movement, communication, and relationship building. While it may sound overwhelming to be part of this group, it will not be, since the experiences will be rewarding and transformative. This course offered opportunities that go beyond the parameters of UCSD. In my experience, I had previously had the opportunity to meet and connect with the East African Cultural and Community Center at City Heights, which is theRead More →

To the future students of HIUS144, Hello! My name is Ha’ani, and I am one of the first students of the Race and Oral History course offered at UC San Diego in the Spring of 2018. I was born and raised on of Guam, which is a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and home to the indigenous Chamorro people. My father is Chamorro and my mother is from American Samoa, so that makes me an indigenous Pacific Islander woman. I moved to San Diego in Fall 2015 in order to attend UC San Diego, but I do travel back to GuamRead More →