I conducted an interview with Teresa Gonzalez, a member of CASA Familiar. The interview took place at Casa’s Recreational Center after her Zumba class. The interview consisted of her childhood, her memories, her life, her definition/importance of tradition. I wanted to understand how values and certain traditions are affected when living in America. I am completely grateful for having the opportunity to have interviewed such an amazing lady, who puts everyone’s needs above her own. It was truly a blessed hearing her stories and hearing how much she has accomplished.Read More →

For my oral history interview, I interviewed Heather Garcia. I initially met Heather at the very first event I attended, which was the children’s art making workshop at Casa Familiar. Heather works with Casa Familiar as the community development assistant as well as the supervisor for the financial literacy program. She is a Mexican-American, born in the United States and had worked in the government world before coming to Casa. The main theme in our interview were Mexican immigrants and what its like for them to come to the states. We discussed some of the hardships that come along with that as well as the good such asRead More →

Audio: Interview with Ju’ne Sablan Hawkins Unfortunately, I’ve been having a lot of trouble trying to compress the audio, so here is a link to it via Google Drive. Transcription: Interview with Ju’ne Sablan Hawkins I’ve also uploaded the transcription to make it more accessible. Enjoy!   On June 1, 2018, I was able to interview Ju’ne Sablan Hawkins at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club. She is a member of the Guam Club as well as an adviser for CHE’LU. Like many Chamorros in San Diego, Hawkins came to the United States through the U.S. Navy. Hawkins describes her life in Guam andRead More →

On May 30th, 2018, I interviewed Bobbie Lizama at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club in Southeast San Diego. Born in August of 1955 on the island of Guam, Bobbie shares stories of her hometown in the village of Yoña and her upbringing as the eldest of eight siblings. As the responsible eldest child, she knows what each of her family members is up to, even to this day. In the interview, Bobbie also discusses her time in the military. She served in the U.S. Army for five years and continued her working life in civil service, primarily as a human resources specialist. WhileRead More →

For my final oral history project, I chose to interview and document multiple youth that cross the United States-Mexico border frequently to go to school and work.My participants were six young adults residing in San Ysidro which I interviewed over a period of 2 weeks. Living in Tijuana, and going to school and working in San Diego is an everyday occurrence in South San diego. The commonality shared by all the participants in my project was their desire to attain a better life, by sacrificing their health, general well-being and innumerable hours of sleep. From standing in border crossing lines of over 3 hours atRead More →

My oral history piece was done on Estela Flores. She is the Youth Coordinator Supervisor at Casa Familiar. She is an amazing woman doing what she can for the you the community and even though she never thought she’d be working at Casa for over 10 years she’s had incredible experiences. Please click on this link to listen to the full audio: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1uaL9lN5YAk7S-sVsRg_ZYHZqUWwtMm8C/view?usp=sharing  Read More →

The person I interviewed is Anna Obura, one of the Parent Engagement Specialists at the Southern Sudanese Community Center, connected to the East African Community and Cultural Center (pictured).  Anna helps run the tutoring program for newcomer students (elementary to middle school) from places like Tanzania, Sudan and Uganda (to name a few).  The interview took place in the main workroom of the center on Monday morning, May 21.  Anna reflected on the difficult transition for students from the education system in Africa to America, how it is working with parents and students and why she continues doing tutoring and community work.  The interview alsoRead More →

On Saturday, May 26, I interviewed Abdul Kadir Adawe at the Biomedical Library at the University of California, San Diego (UCSD). Previously we had met at the East African Cultural and Community Center while we where setting for an Open Mic event for the youth in the community. Mr. Adawe moved into the US in 2000 from Mogadishu, Somalia, the capital city of the state. In this process, we spoke about his family, football, and dreams.Read More →

This interview is conducted with Yesenia Nuñez, one of the staff from Casa Familiar. She moved from Mexico to the US at 17 years old. It took place at Casa’s Recreational Center, within one of their classrooms. The interview consisted of memories of her childhood in Mexico, the conditions of the city and country at the time, her transition to San Diego, the differences between the two countries and what she is doing here. Hearing her stories of her different family members, how much her home in TJ has changed, the emotional challenges of transitioning here and her love for children really made me feelRead More →

Hello, I am proud to present my Oral History Project for HIUS 144 SP 2018. In this post you will find a copy of my interview with Mario Arzate and a copy of the English and Spanish Transcribes. I want to thank Professor Alvarez and Yen for being with us throughout this journey. I have learned so much this past quarter and I have enjoyed the class and experience of my site visit. I hope whoever listens or reads the transcripts in the future is able to understand the perspective of the people in these communities. I want to thank CASA Familiar for opening theirRead More →