These are interviews with Awichu Akwanya who is originally from Pakwach, Uganda but currently resides in City Heights, San Diego.  He was born in November of 1974 and migrated to the United States when he was 29 years old, seeking asylum.  Awichu has 23 siblings who are dispersed throughout the world: in London, Uganda, and the Middle East.  An amazing fact about Awichu is that he speaks 9 languages.  In this interview, Awichu discussed his life in Uganda, his journey to America, and his desire to continue with his education and to be reunited with his family. He also spoke about the effects ofRead More →

On May 22nd, 2018 I interviewed Olivia Quintanilla in the Cross Cultural room in Price Center. During the interview Olivia discussed how she first started becoming an active member at The Sons and Daughters of Guam Club, where she hopes to see the club in the few years to come, and how the club has impacted her personal life in many ways. What I found interesting throughout our interview was that Olivia was drawn to the club by choice because she was truly interested in learning more about her culture and throughout her years, she has felt so close to the club that now sheRead More →

This is an interview with Roque Cufalle, one of the groundskeepers at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club and CHE’LU volunteer. The interview took place on May 22, 2018 at the Sons and Daughters of Guam Club in San Diego. We discussed his childhood in Guam, his current time at CHE’LU, and his thoughts on the future generations of Chamorros in San Diego.Read More →

       Francesca Christine Camacho was born in Tamuning, Guam in 1997 and is currently attending the University of California, Irvine. She graduated high-school from the Academy of Our Lady of Guam and then moved to California in 2015 to pursue higher-education in the field of law. Her parents, Frank Gerard Camacho and Edeine Laguana Camacho, are both of Chamorro descent, which is the Indigenous people of the island of Guam. In this interview, Francesca discusses some social and cultural issues and discrepancies that she has experienced from both living on Guam and in the continental United States. Some of the topics Francesca discussesRead More →