Layla Ali came to the United States because of the corruption in her country and currently lives in San Diego as a multi-lingual mother.  She got her first job in the United Women of East Africa Community Center and considered the community part of her house since then. Layla hopes that this interview could help others as part of the community. This interview is conducted by Dengxiaoyu Shi, a senior Bioinformatics major at UC San Diego via zoom and covers immigration and COVID-19 pandemic topics. L: Okay. I, the interviewee, Layla — do I need to put my name, right? Hello? D: Yes, please. L: Okay.Read More →

Nadia Atef is a multi-lingual Moroccan mother of two young girls who currently resides in San Diego. After winning a lottery, she took a leap of faith to come to the United States once she completed her Master’s Degree in Hydrogeology. She found herself on the West Coast where she would eventually meet her husband and start a family. She currently volunteers at the United Women of East Africa Community Center in which she has found a community that she considers family. Nadia is eager to do what she can for others, attributing her fervent compassion to the fact that she simply likes to spreadRead More →

On Wednesday, May 6th, 2020, I had the great privilege of interviewing Faiza Warsame, the program coordinator of UWEAST (United Women of East Africa). Faiza is currently 23 years old and resides in San Diego, California. She is extremely passionate about working with and alongside her community- especially with the youth. Born in Somalia and raised by a single, strong mother, her, her mother, and her siblings all moved to Egypt when Faiza was ten years old. After living in Egypt for a couple of years, Faiza and her family immigrated to America for a fresh start, as well as for more opportunities. This interviewRead More →

Suriyaan Hussein, a 21 year-old Somali-American, was born in Ohio and raised in Southern California. He grew up immersed in the vibrant East African community in City Heights, and enjoys playing basketball, video games, and working out. He is passionate about his religion and his community, and engages with his community through his role as a UWEAST (United Women of East Africa) liason. This interview covers his experience of growing up in America, Ramadan, UWEAST, and how COVID-19 has impacted his life and the East African community in San Diego. We met through UWEAST (through Faiza), and the interview was conducted via Zoom as IRead More →

Asiyah Ali is a San Diego born Somali American currently in the fifth-grade. She has been a part of the United Women of East Africa’s culturally tailored Girl Scouts Program for 4 years, which focuses on fostering leadership skills, maintaining healthy relationships, and financial literacy. In this interview Asiyah, the daughter of Somali refugees, shares what it is like growing up as a Muslim Somali-American, discussing her experience one of the only Muslim students in her fifth grade class, what quirky skills she wants to teach her younger brothers, and how to cook her favorite Somali food. Asiyah’s interview gives us insight on how someRead More →