Jackie’s Spotlight: Finding Comfort Food Outside Her Comfort Zone

From Sundubu JJigae to Dak Galbi to Bibimbap, Korea has a wide variety of delicious foods that I was lucky to be able to try in the country where it originated. My favorite food to eat on a daily basis was Sundubu JJigae, which was Soft Tofu Stew. It was often served with a bowl of rice and many many different kinds of sides and sometimes even eggs that you can break into the strew. Although many delicious foods were served in the campus cafeteria and off-campus, I often picked soft tofu stew because it was mildly spicy, but really tasty and suited to my comfort.

Bibimbap with delicious banchan, Jeonju, South Korea, 2019

Studying abroad brought many challenges I had to get used to and that included finding what I would eat on a daily basis, but I always told myself that it didn’t hurt to try new things. Being in Korea allowed me to discover what more there was outside of what I was used to. Little by little I adjusted to trying all kinds of dishes and sides I’ve never tried, and before I knew it, I discovered how delicious everything really was! This taught me to not be afraid to try new things and not to expect the worst, because chances are none of that was ever true. The more I dived deep into my study abroad experience, the more I learned how Korea really places an emphasis on their food culture. From restaurants to street food to specialized foods in different districts, Korea always gave me a reason to continue to explore. If I could return to Korea one day, having a meal there would definitely be one of my first adventures!

Jackie enjoying a meal, Seoul, South Korea, 2019

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