Khaila’s Spotlight: Spicing Up The Summer

If I had to pick one thing I missed most about studying abroad, it would be the food. Don’t get me wrong, San Diego isn’t a bad spot to be for excellent food, especially excellent Mexican food, but the salsa game in Puerto Escondido blows San Diego out of the water.

Every restaurant had their own take on the tasty pre-meal snack and it was one of my favorite things about exploring new places to eat. My favorite restaurant was decided purely on the fact that their salsa was incredible. First of all the dish they served it in the cutest and coolest wooden container that had three separate areas for the three different salsas. They ranged in spice level and complex rich flavor that were delicious on their own or paired together. For real, I think about this salsa every single day and miss her dearly.

Khaila’s favorite salsa, Puerto Escondido, Mexico, 2019

It really was the most phenomenal thing I ate my entire time abroad and I have yet to encounter something that matches the smokey deliciousness (the orange one man, *chefs kiss*).

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