Meet our Supplemental Instruction Leaders!


Sixth College | Sophomore | Human Biology

I come from a small town where all that is spoken about are cows and everything agriculture.


Revelle College | Sophomore | Mathematics-Computer Science

It’s Bethany from the Bay Area! I like driving cars and collecting mechanical pencils. I hope my future endeavors include the combination of math and computer science.



Junior | Marine Biology

Hello! My name is Clara and I’m a third year marine biology major from  Northern California. When I’m not studying algae or Newton’s third law, I’m in Rimac arena cheering on our Tritons as a part of the UCSD cheer team. After undergrad, I plan to pursue a career in medicine.



Sixth College | Senior | Biochemistry-Cell Biology & Pure Mathematics

Hello, my name is Eldwin. I am a first-generation college student, and I am graduating in Spring- 2018. I was an S.I. leader for the MATH 20 series, and I am currently an S.I. mentor. I also work as an undergraduate research assistant in the Synthetic Biology Lab at UCSD, researching the dynamics of biological systems. I eventually want to get a doctorate in either biology, mathematics, or education. When I am not working or studying, I enjoy playing the violin, working out, and cooking. I also volunteer at a Chinese summer camp for young kids, hosted by Chinese Benevolent Association in my hometown.



Revelle College | Junior | Biochemistry-Cell Biology

I was born and raised in the little big town Temecula here in SoCal. I like long walks on the beach and poetry. I love music, cartoons, and video games, new and old as well as other geek-type stuff and general sarcasm.  Plus I have a HUGE sweet tooth. Throughout my years here at UCSD, I’ve been involved in research and I’ve been an IA for BILD 4. I hope a career in medicine is in my future, either pediatric or internal medicine to be a bit specific.


Thurgood Marshall College | Senior | Public Health w/ a General Biology minor

I love to create a welcoming environment for students where they can comfortably collaborate and share ideas to ultimately improve their math skills and excel in their classes.


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Sophomore | Chemistry

I am a second year student in Eleanor Roosevelt College from Sacramento, California, majoring in Chemistry.  I am interested in a wide variety of subjects, and have been tutoring math and science since high school. At UCSD, I have tutored math at the Preuss School and taught French at the Language Conversation Tables.  I find the process of learning and understanding extremely rewarding and and enjoy helping others on this path. I hope to go to graduate school in Chemistry or a related field in order to continue to deepen my understanding of the world around us.


Revelle College | Sophomore | Economics

Hello! My name is Ivan, and I am a second-year Economics major planning to minor in Business. I am also a Student Lead at 64 Degrees as well as the HDH Representative for Revelle College Council. I was born and raised in Tijuana, Mexico. My favorite hobby is doing anything that has to do with Major League Baseball, especially the San Diego Padres. My dream is to one day work in the managing department of a professional baseball team.


Warren College | Freshman | Computer Engineering

Hey! I’m a first year Computer Engineering major. I really like math. Especially calculus. I participate in, a student business/technology organization.


Thurgood Marshall College | Junior | Math-Applied Science

I am from Los Angeles, California.  I enjoy teaching, and my goal is to be a professor.   


Revelle College | Junior | Human Biology

I’m from a little, sleepy town in the Bay Area called Orinda. So far my greatest accomplishment is making some wonderful friends here at UCSD. I hope one day I can become a primary care physician.


Revelle College | Sophomore | Economics

I struggled in Economics like everyone else did. I’ve been there. But don’t give up, I will show you the fun of the it and hopefully you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Sophomore | Economics

Passionate about table tennis and Asian drama. I like taking up challenges and I always think that, it doesn’t matter what challenge I encounter, as long as I don’t give up and keep working on it, I will one day thrive.


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Sophomore | Physiology/Neuroscience

Hey! I am Kaylee, I am originally from Orange County (just about an hour north of La Jolla), and I have always loved the beach (even though I am terrible at surfing!). A fun fact about me is that, despite my love for learning about Neuroscience, my strongest passion in life is singing. I love to perform in shows/open mic nights/fundraisers/radio shows/Youtube videos/etc. I hope to become a Physician Assistant one day and perhaps continue my love for singing in small venues!


Revelle College | Sophomore | Probability and Statistics

I’m from a city in Central China. I love manga and watching animation. I am happy that I can help others with math in SI sessions.


Revelle College | Sophomore | Mechanical Engineering

Hi! My name is Kelly, and I’m a second year mechanical engineering major from Palos Verdes, California.  I am also on 4N01, UCSD’s only all-womxn urban dance team. After I graduate, I want to work somewhere in the engineering field, possibly in the aerospace industry, and pursue a higher education.


Warren College | Junior | Structural Engineering

Hey! I’m from the Bay Area and love seeing designs come to life and space. I’m studying Structural Engineering with a focus in aerospace structures to make these passions come together. I hope to one day be part of the team that gets humans to Mars!


Warren College | Sophomore | Mechanical Engineering

I am from San Leandro, California. My ultimate career goal is to work with prosthetics and make the world a more accessible place.


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Junior | Applied Mathematics & Economics

Madeline is originally from Taipei, Taiwan, and moved to Orange County, California, eight years ago. Post-grad, she hopes to become to an associate actuary so you can find her studying for actuarial exams in her free time.


Thurgood Marshall College | Sophomore | Applied Mathematics w/ an Economics minor

Hey! I am Meg. I love math and teaching and I hope to be able to help others love math through teaching.


Revelle College | Sophomore | Computer Science

I am Miguel, originally raised in Mexico. My interests lie mostly in Machine Learning. I have been getting a lot of experience on the field from coursework, personal work with faculty, and will take Advanced Machine learning Methods on spring quarter of this year, hoping to use that knowledge in the future and combine it with my other interests to become the next Elon Musk.


Revelle College | General Biology

I am an international student studying General Biology in Revelle college. I love performing the classical dance form of India called Bharatnatyam and participating in social outreach programs. An interesting fact about me is that I have stayed away from home since I was ten as I studied in a boarding school for eight years.  


Revelle College | Third-year Transfer | Neuroscience and Physiology

Hello, I’m a transfer from El Camino College and my ultimate goal is to become a professor of biology at a community college. I’ve been a private tutor, volunteered for Schools on Wheels and been an SI leader for over 6 semesters/quarters. I’m really into neuroscience because the brain is such a mystery to us and I would love to decipher and start to understand how it really works


Sophomore | Physiology and Neurology

Hi everyone! My name is Nathan Au and I am originally from a city called Rosemead (about half an hour away from LA) so I have been in Southern California pretty much my whole life. When I’m not studying or busy with classes, I enjoy hanging out with friends, playing frisbee, or just laying in bed listening to music. I am also a huge foodie who enjoys cooking so you can also find me looking for new places to try on Yelp or in my kitchen figuring out new recipes. After I graduate I plan on going to med school in hopes of becoming a P.A., but for now, I am just trying to enjoy my time at UCSD.


Eleanor Roosevelt College | Senior | Mathematics/Economics w/ Math Education and Business minors

Hello! My name is Phi and I’ve been working as an SI leader for over a year now. I’m also a TA for the Math Department and student teach at a local middle school. Next fall, I will be pursuing my PhD in Math Education.


Revelle College | Senior | Mathematics/Economics w/ an Accounting minor

I love to teach and help students develop their mathematical skills, understand difficult concepts, and hopefully enjoy math.



Muir College | Senior | Mathematics and Economics

Raees is from Malaysia and as a hobby, loves to paint, draw and make short videos on nature. He also loves video games, which is a side interest especially for the holidays.



Revelle College | Sophomore | Bioengineering-Biotechnology & Mathematics-Applied Science

I’m Shitian from Changsha, China. I play the piano so I listen to a lot of music, and I love to cook and taste great food when I’m free. After I graduate I will seek a PhD in Bioengineering.


Warren College | Sophomore | Mechanical Engineering

I was born in Canada, grew up in Michigan, and went to middle/high school in Hong Kong. And now I’m here! I’ve always found tutoring and teaching enjoyable; before I became an SI leader, I was a volunteer tutor with Education Corps and tutored students at San Diego’s Mission Bay Senior High School in math, physics, and Chinese. Right now my main goal is to learn as much as I can; as boring as classes may seem sometimes, I know I’m going to need all the knowledge I can get for the future!


Muir College | Sophomore | Bioengineering

I am from Southern California. I volunteer at the Christman Lab in the Sanford Consortium for Regenerative Medicine. I am in officer in the QL+ Club, which seeks to provide prosthetics and adaptive equipment to people in need, especially veterans who have been wounded. In the future, I hope to work in the bioengineering industry designing medical solutions to give people better health and quality of life. Eventually, I hope to be a professor of bioengineering at a university and pass on my knowledge to a new generation of students.

Zhiheng (Amy)

Thurgood Marshall College | Sophomore | Applied Mathematics & Management Science

I am Amy (Zhiheng) from China. I love travelling, music, sports, cooking/tasting food, learning challenging courses/topics/materials, and actually a lot more. I have a couple of achievements that I am happy with in different fields of my interests, and you can always find some topics, either academic or nonacademic, to talk with me! Genuineness and happiness are what I found the most important in my life: my goal for my future is not to achieve specific “goals” at certain periods of time, but what I want for my life is to discover and try my best doing things that I really love or want to do, not the things that I should or can do! I really want to share the enthusiasm for daily and academic life and make a positive impact on everyone around me!