Week 2: Tips on How to Survive Weed-Out Courses

  1. Pace yourself :  Don’t get burnt out. These classes are built to test your endurance, so allowing yourself time to absorb the information lets you manage the stress of the course while learning the information. Take your time! Not understanding lecture right away is OKAY.  Maintaining a balance is important for your mental health and also your efficiency.
  2. Band together with others : Work through the material together,  make  a group chat to help each other with problems/questions/anything.
  3. Allow yourself to complain :  It’s hard, it’s okay to admit that. You are putting one foot in front of the other and getting through it, you are entitled to rant. It’s normal to need to rant in order to let out the negative emotions and move forward.
  4. Set up productive study sessions/ plan time for homework : Make sure you are organized when it comes to homework dates/ midterm dates/ etc. so you can plan study sessions and can handle all of your classes
  5. Keep in mind this is the WORST not the norm : It’s hard for a reason, if you aren’t getting it right away or not acing the class that’s okay. Never doubt why you are here. You all belong here, not understanding is NORMAL.
  6. It’s hard for everyone :  I made it, you can make it too. Focusing on what you are learning and remembering why you chose your path is important. Stick with it if you know this is what you have to get through to get to what will make you happy in your future.
  7. Stick with it if it is what you want : If your passion outweighed what you are suffering through in the course, stick with it!