Goals for our Discussion

Rules/ Expectations for the Discussion:

  • be respectful of others to maintain a comfortable and confidential environment [no judgement, welcoming, active listening]
  • have an understanding among individuals and groups, be respectful to everyone in the classroom
  • Stay engaged, speak up and add to our class discussions¬†
  • this discussion will be an open and safe environment for everyone to share their concerns without judgment while maintaining our comfortable space
  • no academic misconducts that violate UCSD academic integrity policy
  • regularly missed sections and/or lectures means no pass
  • minimal/no cell phone use

I hope from this course you all will gain confidence in this new part of your life and that you will feel comfortable to use everything you have learned from this class and me as well as a resource even after this seminar ends. Make connections with people within this class and gain skills needed for your success here at UCSD.