Aug 2023 | Vol. 1 | Issue 1

Climate Change and its Implications on the Heat Flux of
Rocky Intertidal Organisms

Mia Bravo, Cesar B. Bracamontes, Spencer Foss, Noa Gottlieb, Liam Kelly, Eva
Li, Miranda Liskov, Lindsey Maschler, Piper Randolf, Alyssa Ringler, Sonya
Timko, and Nicole K. Yen

While the Research Scholars Marine Science Journal offers a valuable platform, it’s essential to understand its status:

  1. Not Official: The journal isn’t officially recognized like established scientific journals. It operates independently.
  2. Peer Review Matters: Despite its unofficial status, the journal maintains rigorous peer review. Esteemed scientists evaluate submitted work, ensuring quality.
  3. Student Support: Instructors guide students who aspire to publish in official journals. They help select suitable journals, navigate peer review, and refine manuscripts.

In summary, while not official, the journal supports scholarly discourse and student growth.