Grad Writing Retreat #3

Grad Writing Retreat SU20 #3 (Aug 5-Sep 2) Interest Form

  • Get a jump-start on productivity with our five-session graduate writing retreat, offered remotely during Summer 2020!

  • For five consecutive weeks, starting on Wednesday, August 5 and concluding on Wednesday, September 2, writers will "virtually" gather from 1:00pm-5:00pm to enjoy concentrated writing time, mini-workshops, and the company and solidarity of other graduate writers. Groups will meet and spend time writing together in a virtual Zoom meeting space.

    A facilitator will lead a 1-hour workshop at the beginning of each retreat session. These workshops introduce strategies and mindsets for building long-term, positive, and sustainable writing practices. During these sessions, grad students will share ideas and experiences, and provide support for each others' writing processes. Around 2.5 hours of each session will be dedicated to focused writing time. This amount of time allows you to make steady progress, without becoming too tired from "binge writing."

    We trust your judgment about your time and participation when you make the commitment to register for the retreat. We expect that you will respect other' time and the community that forms in each retreat, and make it a priority in your schedule - we expect retreat participants to be on time and present for 90% of the session time. Consistent attendance ensures that you get the benefit of the dedicated writing time and that you can be a part of the community of supportive writers that will form throughout the retreat.

    Questions can be directed to
    Note: you may only participate in 3 retreats per academic year. Summer is considered the "4th Quarter" of the academic year.
    Note: Retreats are designed for graduate students working on long-term and/or complex writing projects. The Retreat will not be helpful for working on short-term, simple, and/or low-stakes projects.

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