Meet Denzell Williams

I am a returning college student, majoring in Computer Science and I’m interested in UCSD’s ICAM program. I was selected by Google to lead a chapter of their Developer Student Clubs here in San Diego and teach university students how to code with the help of Google Developers. UCSD’s ICAM will provide me the opportunity to think theoretically about the world, and develop concrete solutions that may be used to mitigate or solve many of our greatest challenges. (Denzell attends Miramar College.)

Meet Zaira Leal

I immigrated to the United States from Mexico as a young child and because of the harsh political climate, I found refuge in education. As an undergrad, I am currently working on a few passion projects regarding student equity such as The Alumni Panels for Connections and Resources, as well as Assertiveness Training for Women By Women. I am also working on publishing my research on the Association of First Generation College Students to U.S. Dominant Culture for my Honors Anthropology class. After I get my PhD in Philosophy, and my bachelors in Cultural Anthropology, I plan on either working for National Geographic or teaching in a University to continue conducting research. (Zaira attends Miramar College and her major is Philosophy.)

Meet Shawn Cruz

For me education is an intrinsic process of personal growth. I have spent the last few years ‘coddiwopling’ through the educational bureaucracy. During this adventure I fell recklessly in love with the written word, and she has made an English major out of me. (Shawn attends Mesa College.)

Meet Xenia Brady

After spending several years in the work force after high school, I realized my career options and job satisfaction were at a dead end. I was unhappy and wanted to change my trajectory. I decided to attend school and started up at City College without much direction. I was leaning towards Biology or Business because I was told it would make the most money. But after taking my first literature class at City, I knew what I truly wanted to pursue. I have had wonderful teacher mentors such as Professor Jim Miller and Professor Kelly Mayhew, without whom I wouldn’t have the confidence I now have in achieving a degree in the Arts and Humanities. Programs like PATH help further that support, and I am truly grateful for their existence. My goal is to inspire other to pursue the same, and I would love to by a Literature teacher. Education is the most important part of my life and I would love to share that passion with others.

Meet William Duncan

My previous educational background was in computer science. I did not finish my degree, and instead self-taught and pursued a career in computer programming and security through my 20’s. I have now switched to focus on philosophy at Mesa College. I plan to contribute to our thought about how our emerging technology changes us as humans. My goals are to describe how we are currently being changed negatively, and how we could be changed for the better in the future.

Meet Lauren Gomez

Hello, my name is Lauren Gómez. I am a sophomore at Mesa college graduating in the spring!! I’m a history major and would hope to transfer to UCSD or SDSU. I would eventually want to become a lawyer. I applied to the PATH program to gain a deeper understanding of the humanities majors, and why they are so important especially today. With the increase in social change and the ideas of social justice, majors in the humanities can shape the way we view these issues.

Meet Kimberly Carmona

Hi my name is Kimberly Carmona and I’m a first generation student at City College. I plan to major in Literature and one day return to my community as an English professor. I’m also involved in a transfer program known as Puente where I’ve encountered various leadership opportunities. Now as a Path mentee I’m excited to further explore Literature in arts and humanities, in order to expand my own knowledge and skills. I’m also looking forward to working with my mentor, Professor Lopez, as I transition from community college to a university.