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Seahorse 96-well

Agilent Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer

Seahorse XF Analyzers measure rates of mitochondrial oxygen flux and extracellular acidification rate from live intact cells and tissues in 96 plate format. Analysis quanitifes changes in oxygen consumption rate (OCR) due to ATP turnover, proton leak, and electron transfer capacity. Due to the addition of a pH probe, simultaneous measurements of extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) are also recorded indicating glycolytic changes as well as oxidative flux. Paired with our Cytation Imager, OCR and ECAR can be normalized per cell using Hoechst nuclear dye.

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Oroboros O2k High-Resolution Respirometer

Oroboros O2k Respirometers measure oxygen consumption using Clark electrodes in a chamber-based device. Samples spin suspended in an oxygen and light controlled environment. Compounds, substrates, and mitochondrial inhibitors are injected through built-in pores allowing for instantaneous results and reactive protocols. Mitochondrial respiratory pathways may be analyzed in detail to evaluate even minor alterations in respiratory pathway control and/or capacity. Basic fluorometrics are also available with these assays.

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