Pastrana escalates Colombian civil war

“The people are scared, the
soldiers cannot protect us.

This newspaper published at UCSD by the n.i. collective in March 2002 discusses the escalation of the Colombian civil war and the potential increase in involvement by the United States. The Colombian President called off peace talks, leading to fears of an all-out war. The newspaper also highlights the actions of the Colombian military and paramilitary groups in the conflict zone.

At the same time, the paper touches on various topics such as revisionism, colonialism, historical ignorance, and the intersection of art and reality. Rather than discussing the war itself, I think the consideration and comparison of these different doctrines is more worthy of our consideration.

If this paper were to be made available online for public engagement, interactive features like annotations, discussion forums, and multimedia elements could enhance user engagement.

I hope that when people watch this they will think about the impact of revisionism in the various periods mentioned in this report. As part of this newspaper’s digital history source, I will think about how we can actually enable readers to think about these issues more objectively.

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