Jorenne is learning to sculpt with meshmixer, it’s a fun workflow. ┬áLike digital clay. It’s definitely not as powerful as Maya or Blender, but it’s a hundred times more accessible.WeRead More →

We’ve spent a lot of time modeling Geisel. We used campus floor plans, laser measurements, and Autodesk Inventor to build it. It’s an important symbol for the campus and forRead More →

The DML now offers free 3D printing for all UCSD Affiliates. Reserve one of three Makerbot Replicator 2s for up to 3 hours on the Library’s room reservation system. ItRead More →

UC San Diego is known for the Stuart Collection, one of which is Do Ho Suh’s Fallen Star on top of the Jacob’s Engineering Building. We created a 3D modelRead More →

Edgar rebuilt the DML as a gameboy style video game. we hope to put it up on our main webpage to illustrate our equipment and procedures. The Digital Media LabRead More →