Letter to the Reader #3: Musical Content/ Superstructure

OHIF! (Oh homeslice I forgot) Another thing that changed besides the work life of musicians is the music itself. Some music like love and sad songs would stay relevant. But surprisingly lots of the music we listen to nowadays is all about the instruments and how musicians use their creative minds to make a variety of beats. We call this type of popular music, E-pop, and it is basically less lyrical and more like background music which we like to use for passive listening when working to not exhaust ourselves. You may recall some genres from around 2022 like EDM or lofi. Those are the type of genres that are incorporated into this E-pop genre. This genre helps us boost our mood and keeps us focused in the work environment in whatever work we do here, and the majority of musicians in our society like to focus on making music around this genre. 

This falls on the topic of standardization, which according to Adorno “is only the expression of this dual desideratum imposed upon it by the musical frame of mind of the public” (Adorno 202). Musicians still find and use a common musical trait to use in an industrial way but if that trait does not work with the public, then they have to transition to another trait that fits with the minds of the public. Music in 2022 was all about the class structure talking about class and money for people to dream of one day having wealth through hard work. However, that musical trait is gone since there is no type of class structure existing in our society, and has transitioned to a musical trait where people can keep the mood high and lively for work. This makes important changes to the base and superstructure, where the relationship between the employers and the workers are more fair compared to 2022. The employers have become attentive to our needs of us as workers and have implemented policies so the working condition for workers is safer and relaxed. By employers allowing us to listen to E-pop, we have become more relaxed and not de-motivated to go to work.

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