Media Artifact: Lyrical

As most of our music is EDM, lyrics are usually random and not too significant.

“Hello World, println, … sometimes, ice cream sounds good. Hot and sunny day today, maybe take a … (beatdrop)

…Napping on the weekends hits diff…

… 24/7 I be thinkin of (beatdrop)…

…Bread in my toaster, I put my glass on a coaster” (Sheee)

…Suckin on the popsicle (pop), feelin like an icicle

…drinkin my wine on a boat, bouta feel like I can float (Schlat)

… We be livin in this society, hoppin on a wave like we finna party (beatdrop) (ya)

In 2022, there was a class structure in society. Therefore, the content of lyrics that musicians talked more was about class and wealth. Now, in 3022, the lyrical aspect of popular songs in this time is used to make the song catchier and in most cases the lyrics does not have any meaningful content about anything. The lyrics can be a bunch of random words that somehow support the instrumentals of the song. In this song, the vocals are incorporated but not as much as in this song, the lyrics of each part is spread out and paused in many moments of the song. The focus of popular music in 3022 is to give off a certain vibe using mainly the instrumentals.

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