Rong Lin

Third World

This editorial from UCSD’s newspaper,“Third World” is a great
source to see the uneaual relations between different races during Nov. 4, 1970. Mostly, this editorial
represents slavery in thay period

South Africa is a slave state for the black man and a paradise for 31/2 million white.

This sentence conveys the extreme inequality and racial discrimination in South African society under the apartheid system. It highlights the significant division and injustice caused by apartheid policies in South African society, as well as the profound racial tensions between different ethnic groups.

As a digital source, this is the simplest and most original because it’s just a simple scan Editorials when printed and distributed. There are no labels,
There’s nothing to click on, etc. As far as access through UC San Diego’s website is concerned, It’s also pretty simple, but there’s no label and very little information about what it is, soLeaving it to the reader to interpret what they see in the source, I like it. This is a very valuable historical material and I’m surprised that our school still has resources from so long ago.

This source can be found at


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