The “erm-BYAH!-O O O “: Singing Through Life practicum course aims to provide students the opportunity to look critically at themselves and their world through the lens of performance ethnography.

Learning Objectives:

This course will guide students to:

  • Recognize and identify diverse forms of musical engagement,
  • Assess, for themselves, the role that singing (and the voice more broadly) plays in their lives,
    • by way of self-reflective and critical ethnographic engagement and data gathering,
    • exposure to diverse perspectives and contexts,
    • and thorough comprehension of central texts,
      • understanding that each student will come to their own unique conclusions.
  • Consider the broader impact of music-making on human societies, and
  • Create and curate multi-modal ethnographies for public audiences around their findings.

This section contains each iteration of the course syllabus, student-produced ethnographies sorted by term, and insights into the methodology used for course projects.