Elimination Activity: Potential Alternatives Reflection

  • Erases 1 point

    Approved completion of this activity will result in one point being eliminated from your Accountability Points total.

    For this activity, we'd like you to list three other actions that you might have taken as a result of the incident that fell below Writing Hub expectations. Reflect on the possible outcomes of each of those alternatives.

    Your answers need to adhere to Writing Hub Reflection Standards, which include:
    A process of deep reflection
    Does your written work move beyond mere descriptions of events or general observations?
    A clear demonstration of genuine engagement
    Is your written work thorough? Does it connect to other aspects of your development as a Consultant?
    A focus on learning and personal development
    Does your written work highlight what you're learning and include previous perspectives or practices that you are interested in improving?
    A process for making observations, insights, and suggestions actionable
    Does your written work clearly state how you plan to follow through on insights you've gained in this activity?

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  • For example:
    Alternative #1:
    Alternative #2:
    Alternative #3:

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