Custom Gear for Mouse Labs

Custom Gear for Mouse Labs

We’ve been getting a lot of business printing and helping design custom bits for mouse research. Stairs, brain holders, tongue extenders, we’re happy to help. We can also help train staff to design the parts themselves, and build or source their production if it’s something we can’t 3D print.

The above picture features some stairs with cups holding treats. Much cheaper than getting another custom acrylic piece made or ordering from a pricey catalog. We print with PLA plastic filament,. It’s ‘biosafe’, but will degrade in a moist environment. It doesn’t hold up to autoclaving.

Here’s another rig custom rig designed to cradle sleeping mice and clamp their tumorous tongues under a microscope slide.

Below: the cradle and slide holder

The Digital Media Lab is located in Geisel Library, 2nd Floor East. We offer free 3D printing and advanced media consultations for all UCSD Affiliates. Contact us at


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      Jessica out of 35 comments you’re the first that isn’t spam. I can’t tell you how grateful I am 🙂

  1. Wow, Scott, that’s incredible! I’ll be curious to hear how the labs figured out they could ask the DML to print their mice equipment! Once the secret’s out, the DML is going to need its own Geisel sized building. 🙂

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