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Lab 3

Julian de Leon

Bryce Tomecek

Lab 3 – 19 Sep 2019

  1. What are the list of common elements in these digital history projects using ESRI StoryMaps?
    1. Maps
    2. Historical information
  2. What might that list of elements include?
    1. Maps
    2. Counting Visuals
    3. Images
    4. Historiological Context
  3. What’s missing?

The Archaeology of Greater London does not use a staged information system to slowly introduce different categories of things on the map. The Archaeology of Greater London is also missing other kinds of visuals to help display information such as maybe a comparison between the amount of things of each category was found in different areas. Overall, the website on London covers a more specific area of focus (the City of London) whereas The Two Koreas is far more robust as an information resource in that it has more context on the topic and, simply stated, has a more diverse array of information available.

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