• How to teach with KNIT

    Use KNIT to set up private or public class websites and discussion forums. These virtual spaces can be used to facilitate online discussion, networked collaboration, multimodal pedagogy, and public humanities course projects.

  • Welcome to KNIT, UC San Diego’s pilot Digital Commons!

    Click here to find out how you can use KNIT to build community and collaborate across campus.

  • Create a group

    Find out how to use KNIT to build community and facilitate communication for research groups, courses, committees, or special interest groups.

  • Create a site

    Create customizable WordPress websites to showcase your research, host course discussion, provide public resources, develop your online presence and more.

  • The Library’s Digital Media Lab

    Check out exciting resources for 3D printing and advanced media production at the Library's Digital Media Lab!

  • Digital Arts & Humanities Initiatives

    Learn about exciting new digital arts & humanities initiatives, projects, and resources happening on campus.


Welcome to KNIT, a digital commons for UC San Diego, San Diego State University, and the San Diego Community College District! Log in with your Active Directory credentials and get started building websites, joining groups, and networking with other campus members!



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