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Mapping Richmond’s Slave Market Project Review

Based on what I read I assume this to be primarily an educational website, or and for anyone interested in the slave trade based in Virginia. This website is meant to inform visitors or students on exactly where in Richmond Virginia these auctions took place. It also gives us a brief insight as to what it was like inside by showing us sketches. The site includes a few different maps to show just how close these slave trades were held. One of the maps is of modern-day Virginia to help users better interpret the locations today. Grid maps are used to get exact locations. Amongst these maps, there are illustrations of what the actual auctions looked like inside. The sketches were created by Eyre Crowe and date back to 1800s. Some of these sketches were transformed into 3D form to help the reader really grasp and contextualize what they are looking at. The sites main point seems to be Eyres Crow’s representation of the slave trade market in Richmond Virginia. The user interface is very user-friendly and does not overwhelm the site visitor with bright colors or too much information, it sticks to a simple sepia style. The site does a good job of compiling information from the maps, book, and essay to give us a clear depiction of Richmond’s slave market. If I could change something it would be the number of maps on the site, which there were a total of 11. I just felt it was unnecessary. I also think more historical information about the slaves that were actually sold there would have been cool. Like where did these slaves come from? What families were separated? What plantation did they end up at? I just felt like there was a lot of unanswered questions.

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