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Revolutionary Research: Podcast Outline

Revolutionary Research: Podcast Outline

  • Setting the Scene (1 min)
    • WSS student describes her experience studying the sciences, talks about everyday life and difficulties she encounters.
  • Transition: how did the WSS come to be?
  • Intro (name, title, other logistics)
  • Context—Women in Science (2 min)
    • Women in science at SDSU before 1977—reading names, majors, and years from yearbooks to give an idea.
    • Discuss general women in science trends (study and employment) and how those trends apply to SDSU (if available).
    • Augment this bit with stock sciency noises.
  • Transition: why this period brought about changes in women’s employment
  • Context—Women’s Studies (2 min)
    • The Women’s Liberation Movement and the founding of the Women’s Studies department at SDSU. Background audio from protest footage.
    • Marilyn Boxer coming to SDSU. Archival audio of Boxer (if available), interview audio (if available), or readings from Boxer’s book.
  • Transition: the NSF women in science initiative (“and SDSU was one of the first institutions to host a workshop”)
  • Describing the Workshop (3 min)
    • Readings from the workshop manual, giving a sense of how the event went.
    • Interview audio from Boxer or other workshop participants, if available.
  • Contextualizing the Workshop (3 min)
    • Audio from Thelma Chavez discussing women in STEM initiatives over the last ~15 years.
    • How the workshop format (panel of professionals, positive representation) has gone mostly unchanged.
  • Contemporary Trends (2 min)
    • Women in STEM gap persists despite initiatives.
    • More testimonials from WSS students—specifically discussing feminism and political issues.
  • Conclusion: how radical should we be? (1 min)

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