Neurobehavior and Cognitive Assessments

The NEPSY-2 (Exams 1-3). The subtests assessed are listed below by Exam.

Neurobehavioral Performance SubtestsExam 1Exam 2Exam 3
Attention and Inhibitory Control
Auditory Attention and Response***
Domain: Language
Comprehension of Instructions**
Speed Naming**
Domain: Memory and Learning
Memory for Faces Immediate**
Memory for Faces Delayed**
Narrative Memory*
Domain: Visuospatial Processing
Design Copying**
Geometric Puzzles**
Domain: Social Perception
Affect Recognition*
Domain: Sensorimotor
Visuomotor Precision*

The NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery (Exam 4) provides 3 composite scores: Fluid Cognition, Crystallized Cognition, and the Cognitive Function Composite Score which is derived from the former two.

NIH Toolbox Cognition Battery subtestsFluid CognitionCrystallized Cognition
Domain: Attention and Executive Functioning
Flanker Inhibitory Control and Attention Test*
Domain: Episodic Memory
Picture Sequence Memory Test*
Domain: Working Memory
List Sorting Working Memory Test*
Domain: Language
Picture Vocabulary Test*
Oral Reading Recognition Test*
Domain: Executive Function
Dimensional Change Card Sort Test*
Domain: Processing Speed
Pattern Comparison Processing Speed Test*

Mobile Cognitive Tests (Exam 4 5a-i) are tests designed to measure reaction time, selective attention, inhibitory control, working and visual memory, executive functions, and processing speed.

Mobile Cognitive Tests (MCTs)
Domain: Reaction Time
Quick Tap – Level 1 Test
Domain: Response Inhibition
Quick Tap – Level 2 Test
Domain: Working Memory and Reasoning Task
Odd One Out Test
Domain: Visual Memory
Memory Matrix Test
Domain: Working Memory
CopyKat Test
Domain: Processing Speed
Matching Pairs Test
Domain: Executive Function
Color Trick Test
Mobile Cognitive Tests (MCTs)