Musical Content and Superstructure

Musical Artifact:

The song touches on mental health, which is still an issue that is misunderstood in 2822. With more freedom of expression, artists will be able to touch upon more controversial subjects and speak their minds about the issues within society, such as mental issues, race, and sexuality. Before, according to “Precarious Labor in COVID Times The Case of Music”, Arditi states that “after signing with a label, musicians lose autonomy and they must follow the creative and business suggestions of the label or risk the label’s refusal to distribute their music.” With the lack of a profit-driven music industry, artists can make music about what they are passionate about, whether it is their struggles with their mental health or other topics, without being restricted by their labels.

Lyrical Artifact:


*****, I’m a cow,*****, I’m a cow

I’m not a cat, I don’t say meow

*****, I’m a cow, *****, I’m a cow

*****, I’m a cow, *****, I’m a cow

As the article, “Precarious Labor… The Case of Music” by Arditi (2021), points out “fast capitalism as a way to address the expansion of media texts under a new phase of capitalism…the speed of production characterized fast capitalism as cultural producers produced more texts than any person could consume”. As capitalist USA 2022 was primarily focused on creating a profit, in many cases artists would not have the artistic freedom to produce or write their own songs. They were under the control of the record labels and they would tell artists what songs they would sing, as this was an easy tactic to create songs as fast as possible and make a profit. Luckly, in today’s society, artists have the artistic freedom to create a song as crazy as they want to. For example, Doja Cat sings a song about being a cow, how ridiculous!. When the song was first released, it was not a popular song and she was deemed as weird. But these types of songs are the ones we hear in our present society, we know how to appreciate true art.

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