Ming Taizu

Romeyn Taylor, Basic Annals of Ming T’ai-tsu.  Published by the Chinese Material and Research Aids Service Center, Inc. as no. 24 in their occasional series.  San Francisco, 1975.  Posted here by permission of the translator and author, granted May 20, 2009. Licensed CC-BY-NC-SA 3.0 US.

We provide the whole book, including the translator’s introduction and reference materials, as a series of PDFs.  The Chapters, paragraphs, and page numbers given are those of the translation.

Front matter and preface, pp. 0-vi
Discussion of text, part one, pp. 1-15
Discussion of text, part two, pp. 16-29
Chapter One, paragraphs 1-84, pp. 31-49. Begins Mingshi 1/1/1.
Chapter One, par. 85-127, pp. 50-55. 
Chapter Two, par. 128-225, pp. 57-69. Begins Mingshi 1/2/19.
Chapter Two, par. 225-364, pp. 70-81
Chapter Two, par. 365-472, pp. 82-90
Chapter Three, par. 473-624, pp. 91-103. Begins Mingshi 1/3/39.
Chapter Three, par. 625-832, pp. 104-121
Chapter Three, epilogue and eulogy, pp. 121-124. Begins Mingshi 1/3/55.
Finding list, pp. 125-137
Place names: glossary and index, pp. 139-157
Personal names: glossary and index (A – Hu), pp. 159-175
Personal names: glossary and index (Hu – Z), pp. 176-195
Imperial compilations mentioned; and subject index, pp. 197-212