Base Artifacts

Image Artifact: Poster Published by The Blueprint Recording Studios (est. year 3000)

The Blueprint Recording Studios is (quite literally) a blueprint in the music industry under a centrally planned economy. Studio executives work closely with their artists to ensure fair compensation and labor in the music industry, and artists are supplied with many resources to help them flourish in their careers. This differs drastically from music in 2022 where artists were paid unlivable wages; in fact, “it was nearly impossible for any artist who is not a star to earn a living wage” (The New York Times). Centuries ago, the exploitation of labor in the music industry caused a “degradation of creative labor” and now, it is more important than ever to foster the development of a creative mind. Music is supposed to be a creative outlet, and The Blueprint Recording Studios promises to keep it that way.

Musician Interview

Interview featuring RO, an up-and-coming independent artist, talking about the current economic landscape and its relation to the music industry in the past and in modern times today.