By : Seunghun Song Yunqi Li Xinyue Zhou

July 29, 2021, 1:30 AM PST

The Meaning

There is no doubt that lullabies have played an important role in the long history of mankind. Lullabies have a unique meaning to each person, so here Yunqi, Xinyue, and Seunghun each interview a familiar person to share the background and influence of various lullabies. We spent a lot of time in interviews, whether the interviewers or our interviewees, but We believe this interview is meaningful to all of us. 

Yunqi Li

First of all, I found that the duration was not what I expected even though I think I have already prepared a lot of questions in this interview. In the next interview, I will need to prepare more questions and to guide the interviewee to think and explore more in-depth ideas about the topic. The responses of the interviewees were in line with my expectations, and the discussion on the topic was sufficient. I think lullabies are a very good theme, whether it is for music or just experience sharing. During the interview, I was surprised by the deep understanding of the lullabies of the interviewee Andrew. He shared a lot of experience and knowledge about lullabies. We live in the same city, so we have the same cognition and understanding of the city’s culture which ​also contributed to the success of the interview. While he was sharing lullabies from different regions, one of the lullabies he said brought me back to my childhood. I began to think about the penetration of lullabies into my memory. The lullaby, which carries cultural traditions, family companionship, and childhood memories, was the first music I remember from the beginning of my life and the first music I heard from my mother’s voice. Now when I hear the familiar lullaby, I still remember the warm feeling of being in my mother’s embrace.

Xinyue Zhou

   The process of the podcast this time is also a process of thinking. I was impressed by the interviewees’ sharing of lullabies. I think it’s not easy to take care of and educate a baby. For the introduction of lullabies, we have added the story background, the application background, and the narrative background in the podcast. Through my cousin’s self-narration, her knowledge of lullabies, her singing to her children, and her understanding of music in daily life are all told in the podcast. A lullaby is not only a good memory for the baby but also a way to help parents relax. Through my cousin’s experience, she sang a lullaby to her child and believed that the lullaby had healed both her and the baby. I think it’s an amazing place. That’s the charm of a lullaby. We add individual ideas to the whole podcast. I think it’s a very interesting process. We started with a discussion of lullabies and went through each of them. We also looked up the lullaby’s background and listened to two national versions of the lullaby. And found an interesting phenomenon is that although it is the same song, it will produce different listening effects. I think it’s a clash of cultures. We talked about other kinds of music and found some resonance. We listen to different kinds of music in the same places. We talked about the role of music in our lives. You can’t live without music. That’s why we sing. We put different emotions into the music. Finally, we summarize and sort out these viewpoints. We enjoy the process of making a blog as if we are learning something new. The final step is to edit. As the whole work of the group, we collected and edited the works to form a complete work. This is all due to the efforts of everyone on the team. I think this project is about understanding lullabies and understanding different cultures and arts.

Seunghun Song

On July 6th at 7:00 PM I had an interview with my mom about the lullaby. We talked about the lullaby she experienced when she was young and after she became a mother. Several questions were prepared in advance. I pre-delivered the questions a few days ago and gave her enough time to think through them so that she could conduct the interview smoothly. I was very excited to hear about her experience. During the interview, we shared and compared our views about the lullaby. We also talked about what kind of perspective we had in common and the differences about the lullaby.

She said the lullaby she used to sing to me originally by grandmother. She explained that she couldn’t remember the lullaby she heard when she was a baby, but she listened to the lullaby that grandmother sang to her brother, who was eight years younger than her, and said she often sang it to her siblings when grandmother wasn’t around. When she heard the lullaby, she recalled that she was happy to be with her family even though it was a difficult childhood. She said she can’t remember the exact lyrics and notes of the lullaby now, but still remember the emotions and memories of that time vividly. On the surface, the lullaby is intended to calm the child down and fall asleep, but the reason why it is special to her is that she can feel the memories of childhood and the happy memories of that time.” For her, the meaning of the lullaby served as a key to connecting her with precious memories.

She then told me about her experience of singing a lullaby. she claimed that it could be a good opportunity to build a bond between mother and son by singing a lullaby. She also said that she carried me on her back while she sang a lullaby to me. She also said that she could sing to her child even though she didn’t know the lyrics to the lullaby. In an interview with her, she said, “When you were young, I sometimes changed the lyrics, something that I wanted to tell you, such as I love you.” She said, “I don’t mind using those words as lyrics at all and they go well together.” Her words were quite convincing. She thought that the lullaby that a mother sang to a child could convey the inner characteristics of love, protection, and comfort to a baby through her voice, and ultimately, the lullaby would be her first cultural experience. The purpose of singing a lullaby is not only to put the baby to sleep but also provides a common bond between the mother and the baby through the song.

She gave a good account of her thoughts and experiences about the lullaby through the interview. Through this interview, I realized that beyond the unemployment reasons I had (to put my child to sleep), how emotionally and psychologically helpful the lullaby is, and that there is a powerful power to recall memories.