No. 29, 2021

By. Shiuan Wang

I like to express my feelings and stories with the cadence of my voice. Are you the same? I found that it was enjoyable to play with my sounds and release the emotions of my voice! 

The song I sing is “Price Tag” by Singer-Jessie J. When I listened to this song for the first time, I was attracted by the lyrics and melody of the song, and it still made me excited. Because the lyrics themselves reflect that people in society are busy pursuing money, and they put prices and labels on others or themselves. But if we can put aside everything about “Money” and put aside “Comparison,” let us play music together and dance together, I believe everyone will have fun. I have always felt strongly about the meaning conveyed by the lyrics because I participate in some different communities in my life. Some are international students or groups that have been working in society for a long time. Whenever I meet with some people, I can deeply feel which people are more complicated or honest. For example, I noticed that a group of people sitting in a KTV room. The primary purpose is not to sing, but to “compare” the expensive clothes on people, or whose famous brand bag is more valuable. Moreover, whoever loses the poker game will be infused with a lot of alcohol. If you can’t do it, you are not gregarious, and you must obey the punishment of the people in the present. So I often ask myself, can people still have sincerity in communication in today’s society? Do we have to prove who is more valuable by comparison or rights? If people were singing together, not for pure missing and friendship. It is meaningless and unpleasant. 

The lyrics of Price Tag say, “When music made us all unite. And it wasn’t low blows and video hoes. Am I the only one getting tired? Why is everybody so obsessed? Money can’t buy us happiness. Can we all slow down and enjoy right now, Guarantee we’ll be feeling alright!” Yes, I got a positive value from the lyrics, that is, “Let go of all competition and happy singing and play music with others.” I support that no matter people’s race, skin color, wealth or not, healthy or physically or mentally handicapped, everyone will revolve around “Music,” the world will have a lot of “Peace!”

Whenever I enter KTV with friends again, I always like to order “Price Tag” as the beginning song to bring the whole atmosphere. When the music starts, I will sing loudly and dance with my companions. At that time, I felt delighted because I felt a sense of happiness full of “joy” and “united as one” by looking at the happy smiling faces of every friend and listening to everyone’s harmonious and funny voices. This is the enormous charm of this song! It can positively and quickly make everyone friends!

I want to say that I like English songs very much. But since English is my second/ third language, my biggest challenge when recording songs is the pronunciation of the lyrics. I know that some words in the video I recorded have some pronunciation that is not very standard. Also, because the excessive use of my sounds before singing is not very good, so I only hope that the audience can hear my attitude and strength in singing. Art is life! We can show many events and ideas by making songs, writing lyrics, singing, dancing, acting, and drawing. Just like “Price Tag,” it is not only suitable for performances and carnival parties, but it also reminds the world to “Forget about the Secular” and seriously “Enjoy the MUSIC!”

Thank you for Listening! 🙂

I hope this song can bring some Smiles to your moments.