Music has become a part of our daily life. Music is as indispensable to our daily life as seasoning in cooking. Immersing yourself in music can immerse yourself in the world of your own imagination and experience the life you envision. Music has its own characteristics, positive music makes people feel happy, negative music makes people feel sad. And because of different experiences, the creation of music has different results, and the music that allows listeners to enter their own imaginary world is also different. Different people chose different music, and different music chose different people. It’s all matched. It’s a social phenomenon.

I am a person who likes listening to music. No matter when I am happy or depressed, I like to listen to music to adjust my mood. And as I mentioned, the mood and experience are different, the music I choose is different.

It reminds me of when I was in junior high school. At that time, I was in a rebellious phase, influenced by my peers and adopted incomplete values. I always thought I’m right. I thought I’m the unique one. It’s kind of funny when I think about it now, but it’s a period that a lot of people go through. It made me often have disputes with my teachers, I often talked back. Most of the time I was in the wrong, but I refused to admit it. It made my teacher very angry. Next, my parents knew about my rebellious behavior. When I returned home, of course, my parents scolded. In the heat of an argument, I might be beaten.

It made me less understanding. I didn’t think anyone understands me. Of course, this was actually my own doing. That was when I came across Eminem’s rap. It seemed to me at the time that Eminem was leading one collective rebellion after another. In his rap, he railed against everything he disliked. It seemed cool to me at the time. I began to imitate him, listening to his rap and trying to sing by myself, expressing others’ incomprehension of me and my dissatisfaction with life in the rap. Music did act as a seasoning for my negative emotions.

As I grew up, I began to realize my waywardness. Eminem attacked his mother in the song “Kill You” and apologized to her in the song “Headlights” in 2014. His experience was changing, and that changed his music. I still love Eminem, but I’m not as wayward as I used to be.

I felt the change in him, and I began to see the change in myself. I put myself in other people’s shoes. I began to realize that sometimes it wasn’t that other people didn’t know me, that maybe I had some problems myself. And when I have done nothing wrong and someone has wronged me, I don’t have to blow my top. There may be a gentler way of dealing with it.

My emotions became more sensitive. I began to focus on other emotions like love, friendship, etc. I started listening to some love songs. I felt the emotion in the music and compared my own experience. The cheerful music brings me out of my sad mood and the soft melody calms me down. This experience makes me believe that music plays an irreplaceable role in people’s growth, and people’s growth also influences people’s choice of music.

Music can also give people power. Music has always given me courage. After I entered high school, I had the idea of studying abroad. This was not an easy process. I need to take a lot of training courses. Every day I need to do a lot of exercises to improve my knowledge level, so that I could pass my entrance examination. Sometimes, I was baffled by exercises, anxiety filled my heart, I even could not help crying.

This was when I learned about the Westlife. The song You Raise Me Up they sang moved me deeply. I feel the emotion in the music through the melody.The song expresses gratitude to those who inspire you. While listening to this song, I also remembered what my parents and friends expected of me. They also helped me when I was in trouble. Music brings out good memories in my head. Music keeps me going in the midst of pain and anxiety.

I sang this song in my solo performance. I don’t like to show myself in front of others. However, in the chorus activity, I saw many students boldly expressing themselves. My classmates come from different places and have different experiences. But in this moment, I think our emotions are the same. So even though I didn’t perform perfectly, when I was in my world, I forgot about the tension and fear. I wasn’t worried about being out of tune or being laughed at. I pulled off my singing performance.

Through this course, I have a better understanding of music. Music gives people auditory pleasure, it modulates the dull, monotonous life, so that people’s spirit is relaxed. When we are immersed in the world of music, we can freely express our feelings, vent our inner pain and enjoy the happiness brought by music.A big part of my life and the changes I’ve gone through have something to do with my musical experience. They are not separate things but occur simultaneously that factor into our life.