Music is an art. Music is an important part of people’s life. Music can bring positive energy to people. People can use music to express their feelings. Music can also drive people’s emotions and reduce our anxiety and depression.

Now, there is a type of treatment called music therapy. Music therapy is a relatively new subject, and it is suitable for people of any age. Music therapists use music to treat patients. Music therapy can solve various health care and education goals, such as managing stress, expressing feelings, improving communication, and so on. The main findings of clinical studies indicate that music therapy is helpful for people suffering from depression and anxiety. We can find that music has a positive impact on people.

Music used to accompany me through my depressive times. Music occupies an important place in my life. Although I can sing badly, I like to listening music. Listening to songs can let me through the boring time. Music makes me feel not alone, and it can also heal my soul. I think music can express my true emotions. When I am sad, I will listen to some sad songs with a slower melody. When I am happy, I will choose to listen to cheerful songs. In the absence of other people, I will sing with the melody. When I first came to the United States, due to the language problems and traffic problems, I had no friends and no way to go outside. At that time, I felt very helpless and lonely. I suffered from depression. I could only stay at home every day. My daily activities were eating, sleeping, listening to music, and crying during those days. The time is different in China and the United States. My family and my friends are all in China. Even though I was in the United States, I was day and night upside down, I lived at the time in China. So that I could chat with them online. I cannot adapt to my new life in the United States. Until one day, I heard Dao Xiang was playing on my phone. It is an inspirational Chinese song. The lyrics of that song probably meant to encourage people to continue their lives bravely, no matter what difficulties they encounter. This song rescued me from my confused life. It pulled me back on the verge of giving up my new life. At that time, I immediately became sober. From then on, I decided to try to face my new life. I should not give up before trying it. I cannot live dispirited all the time. I have to work hard to adapt to my new life. Therefore, I chose to learn the language and go to college. Music saves my life. It led me out of the dark time and guided me to move on.

In the Voices of Our City Choir activity, the staff led the participants to sing together. The songs they sang were all with a cheerful rhythm. These songs can not only stir up the atmosphere but also allow shy participants to quickly join the activity. Cheerful songs can also make people feel happy and enjoy themselves in activities. When everyone sang together, I could also feel the atmosphere of the lively activity when I watch it in front of the laptop. Although I did not know how to sing those songs, I also hummed with the rhythm and swayed my body. Although many participants came from different countries, music regardless of nationality. Cheerful music can make everyone feel happy. According to the person in charge of Voices of Our City Choir, they created this activity in the hope of helping people in need. They believe that music has energy, and music is a kind of belief. They hope to use music to heal someone with mental illness and to close the distance between people. In the activities, it does not matter whether the participants singing is good or not, the important thing is to make the audience and participants immerse in the joy. In addition, the most important for this activity is its significance. Music makes everyone feel happy. And it makes homeless people gather together to feel warm. It also makes people with mental illness reduce anxiety and live bravely.

Plato once said, “Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” He gave a very high evaluation of music. Music is not only a form of art performance, it is also a way for people to express their emotions. Music has energy, it can bring positive influence to people and guide them forward. Music is contagious, it allows people to spread joy and get rid of anxiety and depression.