Our vision is to build a place where students can discover support to become equipped to meet the demand of rigorous learning at UC San Diego and for their future roles (academically and professionally).  The programs will help students develop a robust, metacognitive enhanced method of thinking that sustains them in all learning endeavors and promotes a growth mind set. Students will become efficient in monitoring their learning process and strategies.

Disciplines have important nuances, but research suggests that metacognitive skills are domain neutral and applicable across disciplines.   Our goal is to help students use their metacognitive skills to construct knowledge in any discipline or area.

The Triton Achievement Hub is in alignment with UC San Diego’s unwavering commitment to excellence, affordability, and access which commissions us to ensure all students are equipped to meet the demands of a rigorous learning environment.

Metacognition is the basis of our partnered programs for student achievement and the way that sets them apart from other programming.  We are providing students strategies to problem solve not for the moment in their disciplines or course but for all disciplines/course.

The programs promote metacognition to all users and peer-staff.  We ask each group to establish a formal plan with short-term and long-term goals and to determine or discover a list of skills needed to accomplish each goal.  We also establish that students can identify and outcome that moves them to their goals.  This is a positive recursive process and conveys growth mindset interventions that convey intelligence can grow by working hard on challenging tasks.  This struggle is the opportunity for growth and not an indicator that the student cannot learn.. – Students become self-sustaining life-long learners

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