Previous Officers

Staff Community Advisor and Founder:

Visual Arts alum Farshid Bazmandegan | T: (858) 534-4830 |


We would like to thank the following individuals for their mentorship, support, and participation.

Former Board Members:

Dmitri Mikhnev, Brad Stevenson, Atra Givarkes, Martin Macias, Ting Su, Rick Narvaez and Ingrid Sorensen

Former Active Members:    

Arpine Muradyan, Angelica Fuentes, Rachell Clark, Audrey Maier, Lan Yao, Christy Ye, Emily Zheng and Erina C Alejo

Former Graduate Students Support:

Michael Ano, Amy Real, Sara Solaimani, Trevor Amery, Stephanie Sherman and Erick Msumanje

Former Interns/ Board Members 2018: 

Sam Sprague, Jessica Bravo, Sebastian Sanchez and Anna Strahan