TMC 2 Thanks for a great first day!

Good Afternoon!

I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet you all this morning. Thank you for be so very brave, and showing us all your favorite dance move on the first day!

As was mentioned in section, we are going to cover a LOT of material this quarter. I made a record of your responses today so I can gear our section towards your specific needs here on campus, however I liked all of the additional options given so much that I went ahead and created a  Google form, so to better foster a community among you all as transfer students! Linked below, the form asks you to check a box of what matters to you, (just like we did in class) this is to focus on your as a UCSD student, but also as a reminder of what we covered as we will revisit these subjects in our future discussions. I wanted to be sure If another idea pops into your mind you have an easy way to add it at any time.
While I imagine most of these involvements to be directly related to our campus, you can also include off-campus ventures if you think other students may also want to participate. Not only am I a resource to you, but you are also a resource to each other! Your ideas and experiences are invaluable and may be just what another student need (so let’s keep our discussions going!)
I also wanted to share how excited I am about the dynamics I observed during section today the willingness to share insights and form relationships with each other. Something for us to keep thinking about moving forward is that respect for one another’s thoughts idea’s and experiences is not only crucial, but it is expected.
With that being said I wanted to share a few fun things happening around campus that you may not want to miss! as well as the site for UCSD Recreation! (Do the things they are fun, plus they’re free)
See y’all Monday!

Information about the event!

All upcoming and free with UCSD ID

Hello and Welcome Transfers!

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Welcome to TYE, I am so glad you have chosen to take this course!

Being a Transfer student can be overwhelming, don’t worry you’re not alone! We have a Transfer community that is here to support you and I will be a resource for you along the way!

My name is Jaclynn Navarro,  I was also a transfer student just like you! For community college, I attended  American River College in Sacramento.  Yes, that is the Capital of California for a reference if you are unfamiliar with the area. I am a Communication major with a minor in Business, my emphasis is on marketing and organizational communication. I have a passion for health and nutrition.

I am looking forward to getting to know each and every one of you!