Solidworks Phone Case Workshop

Solidworks Phone Case Workshop

This week we held a workshop in the new Envision Maker’s Studio teaching students and staff to create and 3D print personal phone cases with Solidworks. The idea was that we’d start by sketching our phone’s dimensionally, detailing all features and their placements.

Then we’d recreate the phone in solidworks, and subtract that shape from a block, leaving us with a perfect fitting negative of the phone. We’d then sculpt that block into out custom case.

It went pretty well, but the 2 hour workshop ended up going for 6, well into the evening. The students were very excited to learn.

I wish we had a classroom like the Envision studio so we could do this regularly, but for now anyone wanting to learn Soldiworks can email us for a one-on-one consultation.

The Digital Media Lab is located in Geisel Library, 2nd Floor South. We do free 3D printing and advanced media consultations for all UCSD Affiliates. Contact us at

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