3D Geisel Floorplan in Sketchup

3D Geisel Floorplan in Sketchup

Playing with wayfinding application, we decided to make some 3D floorplans of the Geisel Library’s 2nd floor. We already had the CAD floorplans, so for most areas it was just adding another 9ft line on the z axis. The entrance required some manual measuring though. A benefit of using sketchfab (link below) is that users can load the model in VR and walk the whole floor in 1:1 scale.

Check out the 3D model here (sketchfab)


The Digital Media Lab is located in Geisel Library, 2nd Floor South. We do free 3D printing and advanced media consultations for all UCSD Affiliates. Contact us at DMLtech@ucsd.edu.

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