3D Genealogy – Rurikid Dynasty

3D Genealogy – Rurikid Dynasty

The Rurik Dyanasty was ruled Russia for over 700 years until the a maternal nephew of the Romanov family was elected to the Tsardom in 1610. The family is of Norse origin, included some of the most famous figures in Russian history, Olga Kiev, Vladimir the Great, Ivan the Terrible… the list goes on.  The international reach of the Rurikids in terms of marriages and relations is pretty astounding. Even a thousand years back Kings of England, Byzantine Emperors, nomadic Khans, Norse warlords, all married into the Rurikid family. Also astounding is the amount of children some of these guys had.

All information and pictures are taken directly from wikipedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rurik_dynasty

I got to the 6th generation before running out of steam. Sketchup seems to upload inconsistently, losing some textures and doing odd doublefaces inconsistently between uploads.

In later revisions I’d hope to include:

  • Lines showing kinslaying (lots of that going on)
  • Name plate size correlating to years, so generations actually show coexistence based on vertical overlap. This is very important for these big sets of children, as a youngest son could be the same age of a grandson.
  • Portrait/name size correlating to amount of progeny
  • sketchfab annotations for all Grand Princes of Kiev and Tsars
  • standardized labeling/nomenclature
  • consanguinity – I haven’t gotten to any of that yet, but I’m expecting some very long red marriage lines across family lines.

Check out the model here:

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