Research projects

Current projects:

Exploring Physicians’ Perspectives on Cannabis Use for Medical/Therapeutic Purposes: A Mixed-Methods Study (PI: Alison A Moore, MD, MPH, FACP, AGSF Funder: UCSD) Using a mixed-methods approach, this study aims to explore California healthcare providers’ competence, practices and attitudes toward cannabis use for medical/therapeutic purposes among older adults.

Exploring Cannabis Use in Older Adults: A Mixed-Methods Study (PI: Alison A Moore, MD, MPH, FACP, AGSF Funder: UCSD) The aim of this study is to explore the motivations, behaviors, and purposes of cannabis use among older adults through a mixed-methods study including a quantitative survey and qualitative interview.

Methamphetamine use among older adults living with HIV: (PI: Benjamin Han, Funder: SD CFAR): The primary purpose of this pilot study is to, for the first time, describe the experiences, concerns, and perceived impact of methamphetamine use in older people living with HIV to inform the development of harm reduction interventions for this highly vulnerable population at high risk for methamphetamine-related harms.

Evaluating risks and benefits of cannabis use by older adults: a pilot study (PIs: Christopher Kaufmann, Benjamin Han, Funder: California Bureau of Cannabis Control): The aim of this study is to develop an online survey to evaluate the self-perceived benefits and risks with the use of cannabis and changes to geriatric conditions, healthcare utilization, and substance use among older cannabis users.

Chronic Disease and Health Outcomes of Older Adults with Opioid Use Disorder (PI: Benjamin Han, Funder: National Institute on Drug Abuse): This study will use a mixed-methods approach to: (1) Describe the prevalence and risk factors for high utilization of acute healthcare, high medical costs, multiple chronic conditions, and mortality among older adults with opioid use disorder. (2) Examine staff and patient attitudes, acceptance, and barriers regarding the integration of geriatric models of care into opioid treatment programs. (3) Develop and pilot test for feasibility, a geriatric-based care model for geriatric conditions and chronic disease management.

Completed projects:

Geriatric Conditions and Functional Status in Middle-Aged and Older Adults with Opioid Use Disorder (PI: Benjamin Han, Funder: NYU-HHC Clinical and Translational Science Institute): This study collected information on the prevalence of common geriatric conditions, physical and cognitive function, health care utilization, and key co-morbidities among a sample of older adults with opioid use disorder enrolled in two large urban opioid treatment programs.