(Readings have been selected on account of brevity and accessibility. List is subject to change based on group’s interests.) 

October 1

Group introductions. No readings for the meeting.

October 15

New possibilities and perils for the humanities

October 29

The humanities and the public

[Meeting activity: Check out the Modern Language Humanities Commons, HASTAC, and The Public Philosophy Journal.]


November 19

Knowledge access and infrastructure


November 26


[Meeting activity: download personal data and explore.]


December 10

Final meeting of Fall 2018 + pizza!

  • Our last assignment is to come prepared to talk (informally for about five minutes) about a possible project that addresses the opportunities or challenges regarding technology and education that we’ve discussed this quarter. Let me know if you have any questions.
  • We will also discuss plans for next quarter: the creation of a zine that addresses the hopes, fears, and possibilities regarding technology and the humanities! I am hoping to get local presses/zine organizers/artists involved, so I am looking forward to brainstorming the project with you all!


December 10

Computational analysis

[Meeting activity: text analysis of The UC San Diego student newspaper.]


December 17

Software activism

[Meeting activity: discuss next steps/projects. Optional workshop for building a twitter bot.]