The Race and Oral History Project


The Race and Oral History Project is a collaboration of UC San Diego students and different community-based and grassroots organizations in the Greater San Diego region. Its goal is to document the life stories of everyday people who make up the city yet are often marginalized from its narratives.

Through oral history, we seek to expand the archives on racial and ethnic communities in San Diego, to foster collaborations between students and our community partners, and to engage students in the public humanities and the digital humanities.

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Locally-engaged education

The Race and Oral History Project (ROHP) is a multi-faceted curricular experience for undergraduates to engage the history and contemporary life of understudied racial and ethnic communities in San Diego. The brand new undergraduate course will focus on the intersection of history, memory and life story narratives and the history of race in San Diego.

Oral history & digital training

Students will be trained in oral history method, theory, and interpretation as well as in digital literacy skills to help them share their reflections with the public and future potential participants. Students will work closely with the instructor in selecting and contacting interview subjects, organizing the interviews, and preserving and presenting the oral histories.


The primary outcome of the course is to produce a collection of oral history interviews in audio and/or video format to be archived at the Geisel Library and made publicly available online. Students will work with library and technology specialists to preserve the collection of oral histories in the Library for future scholarship on San Diego.

Public Humanities

Our goal is to inspire students to consider how what they learn on campus is applied or experienced off campus and, in turn, how the histories of racial and ethnic communities in San Diego have much to offer all of us. A capstone event will bring together students, faculty, staff, and community members involved in the project to view public presentations and discuss future growth of the project.

Student Reflections


Oral Histories are posted!

For their final project, students conducted oral histories with community members in the San Diego area about their experiences related to race, culture, and immigration. We warmly invite you to listen to these histories and learn more about the diverse experiences and cultures that make up life in our city.

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